Kokedama DIY: How to Create a Plant Moss Ball For Your Garden

Kokedama DIY: How to Create a Plant Moss Ball

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,Kokedama DIY Hacks You Need To Know

Do you want to know how to make Kokedama DIY plant moss balls? If you want to create this for your garden, read on! We have tips for you to read!

“Moss ball” is how they call them in Japan -> KOKE (Moss) + DAMA (Ball) = KOKEDAMA . By this technique, the plant will survive while it is being wrapped in a natural container, such as moss, instead of being placed in a pot. We will show you how to make it.

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This time, there were two beautiful rose bushes that I have turned into hanging plants which I placed on the terrace.

1 -In this first step we must mix AKADAMA (Japanese clay substrate used for Bonsai) with the element “stone or sand” that provides oxygenation

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2 – We will remove our plant from its container (1)  and wrap the roots of the plant with the mixture which waspreviously made (2). Finally, we will wrap all of it again in moss (which you can tie with fine rope) (3).

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Result: Your very own “Roses” Kokedama

Choose the plant according with your indoor design and your best indoor winter plants.

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