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Horticultural Therapy: Did You Know You Can Beat Stress With Gardening?

Horticultural Therapy

A lifelong quilter and sewer, I came to gardening later in life when looking for additional ways to cope with my fibromyalgia. Gardening has been a lifesaver for me both mentally and physically, and it has become a way for me to disconnect as needed. I have seen what gardening can do for the mind and body, and because it has been so beneficial, I can’t help but want to share everything I’ve learned with others. This is my Horticultural Therapy.

Many people experience both physical and mental health benefits through gardening. It provides great physical exercise and it’s a wonderful way to reduce stress and stimulate the brain. If you are looking to manage your stress and anxiety and improve your mood, gardening just might do the trick. This gardening blog will offer you a lot of tips.

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Gardening can significantly reduce stress and depression: we call it Horticultural Therapy

CNN says gardening combats stress better than many other activities. And according to a Netherlands study, gardening does a better job than reading when it comes to relaxation and stress relief. Not only did gardening reduce the stress levels of people in the study, it also reduced the amount of the stress hormone cortisol they had in their system.

Gardening can help pull your mind away from the stresses of the day, especially when your life is bombarded with technology. Reduced stress levels are a great benefit of gardening, but studies indicate that some people experience additional mental health improvements from the activity. Gardening has been shown to reduce depression, and HGTV details that even gardening for 30 minutes a day can have a major, positive impact on your mental health.

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The benefits of gardening come in a variety of settings and types

Not everyone is able to have an outdoor garden, but gardening can be done in a variety of settings. Some people utilize containers for an urban garden on their patios, while others connect with a solar greenhouse to get their fix. Just about anyone can benefit from gardening, and for those struggling with mental health issues, horticultural therapy has become increasingly common, shares NPR.

Stress, anxiety, and depression impact people from all walks of life, and gardening is a therapeutic way to deal with those issues. Because of the substantial benefits, mental health professionals are incorporating gardening into settings like prison yards, programs working with troubled youth, and retirement homes. Results have shown that gardening has a positive, lasting impact on people, even those who have been through troubled times.

Rodale’s Organic Life suggests if you’re gardening to alleviate issues with stress, anxiety, or depression, consider that what you’re planting might boost your efforts. For example, growing chard, tomatoes, or chamomile can do double duty in terms of helping you to feel better. You get the benefits of working on the garden, and what you grow helps boost your mental health too.

Horticultural Therapy: Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow

Creating a garden can be as simple or as complex as you want. Beginners shouldn’t get overwhelmed by trying to figure it all out, which is counterproductive. Keep things simple as you get started and know there are plenty of options for gardening without using herbicides or other concerning chemicals.

Gardening is great for both physical and mental health. Digging in the dirt, connecting with nature, and getting away from the demands of daily life helps reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Whether it’s a home garden, an urban garden, or a solar greenhouse, your mental health will improve when regularly spending time gardening.

Start today!

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