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How to Beautify Your Garden During the Winter Season?

As the winter season approaches, you are probably thinking of ways to beautify and light up your garden. Well, solar lanterns are definitely one way to go about it. Efforts should be focused on certain key areas to create the strongest aesthetic effect with garden lighting. These key areas can include the front garden, plant pots, and beds closest to the home. These are areas you see and walk through every day.

This article will serve as a creative guide on your quest to beautify your garden for the winter season by compiling some garden lighting ideas. Most of them are easy to execute and don’t require much effort. A side benefit is that they offer good value for your money. The execution of these ideas will make your garden a cynosure to onlookers, and even you won’t get enough of looking at your garden.

Bring Evergreen Topiaries into the Mix

Evergreen topiaries accentuate a plant pot or bed. It comes in various shapes such as pyramids, cubes, and balls (formal shapes), and more relaxed shapes. You can opt for your preference based on your personality and the ambiance you want in your garden. Evergreens such as yew and box are conventional plant choices, but there are others such as phillyrea, Ilex crenata, privet, and Lonicera nitida.

You also can go for ready-made topiaries. They are more expensive, but their aesthetic impact on your garden is more immediate. For example, you can buy a 30cm box ball for roughly £25.

Utilize Simple Lighting

garden lantern

A garden without lighting at night can easily be overlooked. The use of simple lighting can bring your garden to life and make it the center of attraction. It will make for a mouth-watering view from your window or walkway.

You can experiment with tea lights placed in clear jam jars. You can also try solar lanterns or lighting to illuminate your garden. Another option is fairy lighting which can be draped in a tree, and it has an array of lighting kits that are simple to install.

Use Patio Containers

The plant pot is the most potent way to add color to your outdoor space. Go for plants that present a beautiful look collectively. Good mentions include hellebores, variegated ivy, cyclamen, pansies, and heathers. If it’s a large pot, support these plants with an evergreen such as sarcococca or rosemary.

Cultivate Scented Plants at Both Sides of your Door

Numerous flowering shrubs such as daphnes, Chimonanthus, viburnums, sarcococca, and mahonias give off a rich scent and will make great additions to your garden. However, keeping these richly scented flowers far from the entrance to your home is a show of negligence. It will be under-appreciation not to place them where their scent can be enjoyed.

They can be in the front garden, by a frequently walked path, or near the back door. One smart way of using these flowers is placing them in pots so you can easily move them to various positions depending on the season. For example, during summer, you can place them in less noticeable regions of the garden, and during the winter, you can place them in more noticeable areas.

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