Fastest Growing Vegetables You Can Grow in Your Garden

Fastest Growing Vegetables You Can Start Planting Today

fastest growing vegetables

Do you want to know the fastest growing vegetables that you can start planting today? Read on!

When I first started out with gardening, I soon realized that not all plants can be harvested after a certain period of time. There are some plants which needed more time to grow and there are some that can be harvested after a month or two. To help you out as a newbie gardener, I’m going to list out the fastest growing vegetables you can plant in your urban garden. For all eager and restless gardeners out there who can’t stand the long wait of harvesting, we’ve gathered the fastest growing vegetables for you.

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The Fastest Growing Vegetables

1 – Sunflower Shoots

Sunflower shoots are one of the fastest growing vegetables. They can grow in 12 days. These are immature sunflowers that, though tiny, are packed with a lot of nutrients. You can start harvesting them by cutting their stems if they have two leaves. This is ou will find them bitter when aged.

Use organic black oil sunflower seeds especially categorised for sprouting or grow your own. Many people want to use the ones that are packaged as birdseed and we strongly don’t suggest as they are not regulated for human consumption.

To plant them, add approximately an inch of clean soil to the lowest tray, and unfold sunflower seeds over the center. Cover the seeds with simply sufficient soil to hold moisture and keep them out of direct daylight. Water the soil and hold it moist however not soggy. You will want to hold some humidity in whilst the seeds are breaking open, however open lid several times each day to refresh the air inside.

2 – Garden Cress

Garden cress grows within 14 days. You can plant them in early spring, when you have already prepared the soil. Garden cress can be grown in only minimum space such as that measuring 1 to 2 feet square, and you can already harvest much.

Garden cress (Lepidium sativum) is an annual plant, also known as pepper grass because of the leaves having a peppery flavor. It grows well in packing containers, and can be grown on a sunny windowsill inside the kitchen for easy access. The young leaves may be harvested as quickly as the actual leaves appear because Garden cress is regularly grown for sprouts.

Cress grows well in good soil and a sunny location. Sow seeds ½-inch deep, spaced 1 inch aside. Rows ought to be 6 inches aside.  You also can plant a line of seeds along prepared rows and cover gently.  Keep constantly moist. Seedlings must emerge in 5 to 15 days.  Thin seedlings grow ½ inch tall, to 2 inches.

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3 – Radishes

Radishes can be grown within 21 days, so this is also one of the fastest growing vegetables. Start planting them during cool seasons, at around a temperature of 50°F to 65°F. After sowing them, you will be able to see green leafy shoots after just three to four days. You can plant them every week or every two weeks for a constant harvest during autumn or spring.

Radishes are a hardy, cool-season vegetable that can produce many plants every season due to its speedy days to maturity. Radish seeds can be planted in spring and the fall, but growing need to be suspended in the warmer months. Overall, radishes are a very easy vegetable to grow.

Plant 4 to 6 weeks before winter, after old manure or natural fertilizer has been worked into soil. Directly sow seeds ½ inch to an inch deep and one inch apart in rows 12 inches apart. After they’ve sprouted, distribute to approximately 2-inch spacings. Crowded vegetation will not develop well.

Radishes want sun. If they may be planted in too much shade, or where neighboring vegetable flowers place a shade on them, they generate large leaves. Practice 3-year crop rotation. Plant consecutively every week or so whilst climate continues to be cool for a continuous harvest of radishes. Plant during the fall season. You can plant radishes later than any other root crop in overdue summer or early fall and nonetheless get a harvest.

4 – Green Onions

Green onions (or scallions) grows within 21 days. These are plants that can be grown quick by cutting at the bases throughout seasons. When the shoots reach a height of 6 inches, they can be harvested.

5 – Tatsoi

Tatsoi, a type of mustard green that often grows low, can be grown within 25 days. It can be added to soups and salads. You can harvest them when the leaves are 4 inches in height or you can wait for 40 days for them to mature to their full size.

6 – Lettuce

You will harvest Lettuce after 30 days and plant them during cool weathers, at around temperatures that range from 60°F to 70°F.  Also you will sow seeds during late summer or early spring. There are many varieties of lettuce, but the green leaf and red leaf varieties are the easiest to grow at home and can better tolerate warmer weather. You can plant seeds every 14 days to guarantee a bountiful harvest all year-round.

7 – Spinach

Spinach grows in 30 days. It is able to withstand cold temperatures as low as 15°F. You can plant them as the ground thaws. As the plant grows, pluck out its leaves or resow seeds every two weeks to ensure a bountiful harvest all year round. You should not leave it for too long because spinach leaves may become bitter when they are too mature.

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8 – Kale

Kale is grown within 30 days. You can cut it and it will grow back again. You can get its young tender leaves throughout the growing season when the plant is around two inches tall. Do not pick the central bud because it keeps the kale growing.

9 – Bok Choy

Grow Bok Choy (or Chinese cabbage) in 30 to 45 days. It often grows in cool weather and during fall or spring. You can harvest the young leaves after a month or you can wait for a few more days to harvest full heads.

In conclusion which of this list will you grow now?



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