DIY Yard Art – How To Make Easy Bottle Cap Flowers
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DIY Yard Art – Easy Bottle Cap Flowers

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How To Make Easy DIY Yard Art: Bottle Cap Flowers

I love to share DIY Gardening ideas with you! In this post we will show you how to create an easy DIY yard art using bottle caps and hope you will love this mini guide!

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The birds are singing, the smell of orange blossoms are in the air, and tomato plants have recently been transplanted into my garden.  This means… it’s April! Time for some Spring cleaning not only in the garden but also in my favorite junk drawer inside the house. I don’t know what’s inside your junk drawer, but mine happens to be full of bottle caps. I’m a big proponent of re-use and recycle, so I save quite a bit of “junk” in hopes of later turning it into “treasure”.  What’s up with all the bottle caps, you ask? Well, I’ve found they happen to make some pretty awesome DIY yard art that can be a good activity for kids as well!

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With a few snips of a metal cutting shear, an old wire hanger, and some paint, I was able to transform my “junk” into fun and decorative DIY yard art.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Whether you are looking for a way to add some color to your yard or just want to re-purpose old bottle caps, this is a great way to do both. I hope you enjoy this easy and inexpensive garden project or DIY yard art!


  • Bottle Caps
  • Metal Cutting Shear
  • Outdoor Paint
  • Stiff Wire (I re-purposed wire coat hangers for this project) or Thin Metal Garden Stakes
  • Strong Bond Glue, such as E600


  1. Clean bottle cap using soap and water.
  2. Cut the folds in the bottle cap rim using a pair of metal cutting shears. Depending on the look you want for your flower you can either cut every fold (for a thin petal) or every other fold (for a wider petal).
  3. You can choose to turn either the front or back of the bottle cap into a flower. Each side has a slightly different texture and will create a different effect. Depending on the side you choose to paint, use pliers to bend the petals (you created by cutting the cap) slightly forwards.
  4. Paint your flower (see design inspiration below).
  5. Use strong bond glue to attach the metal wire to the back of the bottle cap. Allow the glue at least 12 hours to dry before moving.
  6. “Plant” your flowers in the garden by gently pushing the metal wire into the soil.
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Design Inspiration

Painted with Thin Petals

Cutting the rim of your bottle cap every fold will create a thin petal.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Painted with Wide Petals

Cutting the rim of your bottle cap every 2 folds will create a wide petal.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Painted with Logo

If you have a bottle cap with an interesting logo in the center, you can paint the outside petals and leave the logo unpainted.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Painted with Design

If you have a bottle cap with an interesting design in the center, you can paint the outside petals and leave the design unpainted.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers


A bottle cap daffodil can be created by gluing an uncut bottle cap onto a cut bottle cap.

Then paint the petals and center of the cap.

Easy DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

As I already explained it in a previous post, having a garden is an amazing opportunity to grow your own food but not only! This art experience prouve how much fun we can get making it beautiful the sustainable way!

This little looks even more beautiful in Urban garden such balcony garden or even Indoor in your winter garden!

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