ConnectHORT, from vacuum to urban garden - A participatory Process

ConnectHORT, from vacuum to urban garden

connectHORT is one of the winning entries of the “Pla de Buits” competition of Barcelona, which is translated as “Gap Plan” and proposes the TRANSFER OF A VACANT LAND FOR ITS SOCIAL ACTIVATION. It is a proposal that came because of the social claiming for the re-appropriation of many empty spaces. In this situation, neighborhood associations and different social groups come together and begin to lock a range of ideas and strategies to reactivate these urban areas.

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The Plan involves a repurchase of three years of a plot in the Poblenou neighborhood to the neighbors and users. All of them are responsible for organizing the space and they are working for the revival of this space within the neighborhood’s dynamics through different activities creating an environment of confluence for all kinds of groups.

Connecthort is developed around a central axis, the PERMACULTURAL GARDEN, and is proposed as a place of connection between people and their environment; all of them working for sustainability. It is a dynamic meeting point and where participation and involvement of citizens is essential. Connecthort aims to promote environmental awareness of users and local coexistence.

Meeting Point

The most valuable point of this participatory process is the network achieved. Groups, associations, neighbors and public administration workers, all of them have worked for a change in the use of empty spaces in the city.

It is an experimental plan. It is a participatory process where you learn from experience where new initiatives can arise. As a goal, the sharing of different experiences in each of the vacant lands is basic. Afterwards, must come to a correction, recomposition and promotion of new projects related to urban restoration. It is a bold but achievable aim if we realise that this type of project can be managed by the will of people and ease from the administration.

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“Optimism is an instrument of action in a road full of challenges (…) We need an agreement that is a pact with three legs: economic, social and environmental. And that is universal ”


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