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Complex Composting? Not So!

complex composting

Complex Composting Made Simple

Complex composting? Not anymore! If you are a gardener, you will always be looking for ways on how to make your plants grow healthy. I have read that one of the most effective ways of growing healthy plants is through composting. So I read some books and articles online and gathered food scraps from my kitchen to place in my garden. I soon found that this is simply not enough. So I kept on researching until I perfected my composting formula. If you are seeking for that good compost formula that is effective for growing plants, perhaps you can read how I did my composting. Indeed, this is complex composting made simple!

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Complex Composting? Not So!

When we moved from our previous home, we felt torn. Should we get a worm composting bin, create our own with leftover chicken wire, or buy a rotating bin? Then, I stumbled across this TED talk that simplified the whole process. Granted, I took it with a grain of salt. I knew that composting can be so much more than what he  described in the video. However, I am thankful for his simplified version. Though you may not think so when you see this video, he seems quite entertaining!


This is a TED talk that you don’t really need to see. I used to listen to TED talks on my commute to work, and occasionally I would listen again at night, so I could see all the images being shown or the amazing things a person was doing in action. That’s not the case here. So feel free to listen to this clip while you clean your  house; or you can save it and listen to it in your car!

I don’t know about you, but this made complex composting seem like a breeze. Do you sometimes overthink things? I tend to overthink most things, and this talk snapped me right out of it and into action. It came at just the right time, too.

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We had all of our fall leaves bagged up in the backyard for composting. After watching the talk, I decided to mow/shred the leaves and get going. So far, we just used shredded leaves, grass clippings and coffee grounds. I know our girls (chickens) are delighted to continue getting our kitchen scraps for now!

If you are looking for a little bit more information than what this TED talk provides, I suggest reading this article to take it a step further. Or, if you want more information, including a how-to guide on building a compost bin, I suggest reading this article.

A photo by Sujan Sundareswaran.

And definitely, you should head over to Nourishing Pursuits to get updates on my family’s composting journey. I am always try to learn and grow, and I love to share along the way!

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