Saffron: easy way to grow it indoor? Our Easy Tips Here

Saffron: easy way to grow it indoor

can you grow saffron at home

Can you grow saffron indoor?

Can you grow saffron at home? Yes you can with these easy tips that we will show you.

You can! We are talking about Italian saffron, also called “Red Gold” because it is one of the best in the world.
In Italy there are many regions where it grows, from Sardinia to Sicily, but the more valuable is and remains that from Abruzzo, in the centre of Italy close to the mountains.

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In this region you can find fields of saffron growing at height of 800 mt, but you can grow it at home if you do the proper attention. Each flower produces about 3 stigmas with which you can cook (after drying) but with the dry flowers can be dyed fabrics or use as an ingredient for bread, or the different mixtures.

Can you grow saffron at home? Read on.

How to grow it at home

You can take a box of wood, cover it with non-woven fabric and fill it with calcareous clay soil with good drainage because the bulbs are sensitive to moisture.

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You can also use a beautiful vase, but always paying attention to the backwaters.
There must be ground for at least 20/25 cm since the bulbs will buried about 10 cm deep and 3/4 cm from each other. The vessel will be exposed to full sun, cultivation needs little water (it should be enought the rain it receives in the terrace).

The bulbs should grow in August and harvesting is achieved after about 60 days. The flowers should be taken early in the morning when they are still in bud form (if wet from rain or dew must be put on a towel to dry them).

When they are sufficiently dry they must be separated stigmas (the three red filaments) from the rest of the flower opening it gently. These stigmas must then be dried in the day on a moderate heat until dry to the touch but still prove quite flexible.

If you are lucky enough to have the wood put the stigmas of a sieve over the coals being careful not to burn them and moving them gently with a stick. (If you do not dry well may rot within a few days).

A pound of bulbs in the open field produces a gram of saffron and each needs at least a square meter of land.

With one gram of Aquila Saffron, with high concentration characteristics of the elements, you can prepare at least 40 dishes. We can say that a medium-sized bulb produces saffron for a delicious Italian risotto.

The Aquila saffron bulbs, now being genotyped for more than eight centuries cultivated in a given place and particular cultural practices, are not found on the market: to get them you have to apply directly to producers.

Saffron Cultivation

Can you grow saffron at home? Yes, you can cultivate it.

For the better cultivation of saffron bulbs they will dug again next August and once cleaned and placed in a new land or box.

October is the month for the saffron harvest and like every year at the end of the month there is the manifestation of the saffron harvest in the beautiful scenery of the Altopiano di Navelli (Aq) and the streets of the historic center of San Pio delle Camere.
Three days dedicated to the knowledge of the Red Gold World of Abruzzo to pick, taste and buy a few bulbs to be sown.

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Can you grow saffron at home? Absolutely yes!

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