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Top 8 Gardening Blogs to follow this year!

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Are you wasting your time trying to find the best gardening blogs out there? Now, you need not worry because we have made this essential list for you! We placed together some of the best urban gardening blogs out there to inspire you as an urban gardener. We are passionate in helping you to be successful in starting a garden in the city which will not only benefit you but can also inspire others to build a greener community!

Blogs on gardening are all over the internet. As urban gardeners, we always search for the best gardening blogs. They can inspire newbie and expert gardeners in creating and maintaining their own city gardens and maximizing their yields and benefits.

The good thing is, there are a lot of garden blogs where gardeners can hang out and access guides, garden planner, tips and inspiration. These blogs help gardeners improve their skills and be creative in putting up their own urban gardens!

So if  you are planning to start up, or even trying to develop your urban garden? Then take a look at what we consider to be the  best gardening blogs:

Best Gardening Blogs : our selection

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1 – Garden Collage – The Magazine for Life in Bloom that we love

A broader lifestyle gardening publication, Garden Collage Magazine offers some of the insights typically found in the best gardening blogs. This site celebrates a contemporary approach to natural living. They believe in the deeper sense and connection of nature and the modern world.
This magazine covers not just mere city gardening but also interesting posts such as cool events, travels and adventures. They also talk about seasonal food and even the alchemy of herbal healing.

Visit Garden Collage at

2 – Epic Gardening – The Hydroponics & Aquaponics Reference

Founded in 2013, this website has been publishing one of the best gardening blogs. The founder’s mission is to help a million people around the world learn how to grow plants.  He began his blogging as a way of documenting his hydroponics gardening. Later on, Epic Gardening tackled and published other topics related to gardening. These topics  include DIY gardening ideas, urban gardens, aquaponics, hydroponics, pest control recipes and a lot more to promote sustainability of plants as food.

Meet Kevin and visit the blog at

3 –  Urban Gardeners Republic – The Community blog with a big vision

Click here to visit their Gardening blog

“We are more than a gardening company, we are a community”.  Our best urban gardening blog site is a community of people with the same interest: city gardening and modern green living. We are a community of experts who have the passion and the inspiration to help aspiring and savvy urban gardeners who want to create a greener earth!

Their goal is to be able to turn bare concrete spaces into a green heaven and create 1000 gardens in 100 cities all over the world. This is through inspiring people to start DIY gardening and also giving guidelines and information about urban gardens all over the world. They are aware that air pollution and bad city practices are ruining our environment, and these practices may ruin our habitat in the future years. This is why They are building more greenhouses especially in the cities, so that we can help clean up the atmosphere from toxic chemicals and pollutants.

No matter where you live in, whether in an apartment, a condo unit or an urban house, Urban Gardeners Republic will give you confidence to build that small garden that you want! They are going to help you achieve a self-sustaining garden that will not only help feed your family with nutritious food continuously; we also help emit toxins and other chemical pollutants in the environment.

Meet the Community and their founder Bertrand Blancheton at

4 – You grow girl – Gardening for the people

Gaila Trail, a writer, photographer and former graphic artist, launched You Grow Girl on February 2000. It has since then become one of the best urban gardening blog websites that you can find online. The aim of the project is to explore different approaches in growing plants, especially in urban organic gardening and starting a home vegetable garden. The author wanted to share her experiences and insights as a young urban gardener. You Grow Girl has become a successful community that promotes a new perspective in gardening. It gives a new insight on connecting the contemporary world with nature. The community does this without forgetting the importance of style, environmentalism, humor, affordability and art. It also talks about how to start an indoor garden.

Meet Gaila from You grow girl Blog at

5 –  Urban Organic Gardener – The Urban Gardening News Feed

Urban Organic Gardener is an urban gardening website compiling various urban Gardening news. I must if you want to be up to date on the theme. It discuss about apartment gardening and office growing. UOG features different city planting experiences such as turning urban spaces like fire escapes and balconies into a beautiful urban or balcony garden. It also promotes communities that help create organic gardens in the midst of cities. Urban Organic Gardener shares all these best gardening blogs to empower every individual to grow their own plants, too.

Visit UOG at

6 – Urban Jungle Bloggers – The Plant Lovers Community

In 2013, Urban Jungle Bloggers is by Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaff. They tagged it as a global community of plant lovers, with an objective of bringing green living into the best gardening blogs and homes. In this community, members share their ideas by creating the est gardening blogs on plant styling ideas as well as starting a garden from scratch.
They also talk about Do-It-Yourself gardening, tools used for gardening and some tips and tricks on how to handle plants. Urban Jungle Bloggers is one best urban indoor garden blog site which showcases the beauty, art and other aspects of city gardening. It also serves to inspire people to have their own green journey, too.

Meet Igor and Judith at

7 – Get Busy Gardening – DIY for beginners on the budget

Gardening is my passion; and I love all types, indoor and outdoor; including perennials, annuals, tropicals, vegetables, houseplants, succulents and even water gardening.” – Amy Andrychowicz

Get Busy Gardening is by Amy Andrychowicz, a lady with a burning passion in gardening. She believes that a green thumb is not by birth. Instead, it is through learning and doing. This blog is about how to start gardening at home. Get Busy Gardening gives a limelight in Do-It-Yourself gardening for newbie gardeners on a limited budget. This is because gardening doesn’t have to be expensive. If one is looking for inspiration and great ideas, Get Busy Gardening can be the best gardening blogs out there. It talks about indoor gardening ideas.

Meet Amy at

8 – Seattle Urban farm Company

Seattle Urban Farm Company has been in the business of helping urban famers in creating sustainable urban-style farming principles. They do this with a touch of ecological landscape design in creating productive and one-of-a-kind edible urban garden landscapes. With the desire to apply their expertise in agriculture as well as horticulture, Colin McCrate and Brad Halm co-founded Seattle Urban Company in 2017. Since then, they had a fair share of ideas, creativity and expertise in their projects. They blog on how to start an edible garden. They are building edible landscapes, backyards and urban farms. The team also conducts workshops and classes across the region especially on how to start a herb garden for beginners. They are creating the best gardening blogs which thrives to promote productive ideas. These blogs also highlight the advantages of having an urban garden.

Visit their blog for podcast at


Aside from the best gardening blogs mentioned above, the Feedspot is a time-saving site for you to find more amazing and best gardening blogs and websites in one page. These include The Sunday Gardener Blog, Away To Garden by Margaret Roach, and Gardening Blog by The Guardian. They are some of the informative blogs that are in Feedspot’s Top 100 Gardening Blogs.

The more sources that you are going to read from, the more successful your gardening project will become. Tons of ideas and inspirations are in these gardening blog sites.

Are you looking for the best urban gardening blog posts out there or the best Twitter and Instagram accounts? Follow us, we publish new post weekly!

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