Starting a Backyard Garden: Must-Know Tips

Backyard Garden

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 Here are some tips on how to start a backyard garden in your urban dwelling

Working in the backyard garden is a good experience for you and your loved ones. This also instils in children the natural process of life and growth, which can teach them valuable life lessons.

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The benefits of growing your own vegetables in your backyard are many. These include the lowering of costs associated with the purchase of healthy and organic vegetables. The reduction of environmental impact in the transportation and storage of food. It makes your meals more personalized and tasty, instils in your family to appreciate the natural cycles of life and growth. Also it creates a wholesome activity and long-lasting memories of your loved ones while gardening. You can bring about many more!

So, how do you start a backyard garden? Here are some tips.

Plan your layout

In addition, a backyard garden must make a contribution to your family’s health without taking an excessive amount of your free time. You can accomplish that with good planning and a commitment to low-maintenance natural approaches. It may save time and create a healthy backyard garden for many years.

To do this, you have to measure your garden. The future size of your backyard garden will be decided by available space in the area and effort you will dedicate on it. A 100 sq. ft. backyard garden, when grown intensively, can produce a lot of veggies enough for the whole family.

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Consider exposure to sun and shade

The plants on your garden may need to face south, and would require no less than 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. Examine where the shadows are in the course of the day from any trees, tall objects or adjacent structures. The area which receives maximum sunlight may be a good area for your backyard garden.

Mind the roots

Apart from the shading brought about by trees, keep in mind the spread of their roots. Locate your backyard plot at least 10 inches past the drip line of any neighbouring trees. If you have to plant near trees, you may have to dig a barrier round your backyard garden to prevent root incursions. This will also happen by digging a narrow trench towards hard clay or deeper than the current roots. Use a sheet of galvanized metal roofing on the edge, or any material which roots cannot penetrate, then fill within the trench with the barrier.

Take into consideration future trees

If you are planning on including fruit trees to your backyard garden, plan for them now, by envisioning a 20-inch root spread and the future shading effect of these trees.

Consider the wind

If there is wind exposure or in windy areas, you may want to consider adding a beam or a fence to protect your backyard garden against the winds.

Plan crop rotations

You should have extra space for a different bed for the next season, where your will relocate some of your plants. When not in use, plan this bed in a bed with manure which keep the soil dense. Also the soil will provide nutrients while protecting the bed from weeds

Prepare your garden beds

Any experienced gardener knows that successful gardening depends on the soil. As soon as your beds are ready and the soil is enriched and competent enough to be planted upon, the bulk of your gardening work is finished. To assure yourself of a healthy, productive backyard garden, don’t forget these normal suggestions to plan on how many beds to plant and the depth of your beds.

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