We connect with gardeners easily.

Urban Gardening can provide our clients with some helpful options in order to assist them towards obtaining their goal (such as building an audience) whether they are selling services or products that directly associate with the gardeners’ community or promote other services or products that can appeal to those who also love to garden.

We will help you choose how to reach your potential buyers or audience.

Urban Gardening provides both sponsorship opportunities and direct advertising on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account that allows our clients to customize the process of reaching their desired audience. Whether it will be through giveaway sponsorships or direct advertising, our team will coordinate with our clients to create the most practical plan for their publicity.


The giveaway sponsorship our team offers is an ideal way to publicize your services and products among thousands of potential buyers (eager gardeners). As the targeted audience, these potential buyers will come to Urban Gardening and read our blogs, articles, testimonials, and site content to know more about the aspects of gardening, including useful and innovative gardening services and products. The giveaway sponsorship will encourage these potential buyers to spread the word about your products with other like-minded people, and this can further the reach of your brand across the globe.

Direct Advertising

This is a less innovative way of reaching out to your potential buyers; however, it doesn’t mean it’s less strategic. Through banners and digital billboards (on crowded locations), you may publicize your brand’s message.

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