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We are Urban Gardeners Republic and we aim to help people bring urban garden projects to life by guiding them along the way.

As you read this, we’re on a mission to create 1000 gardens in 100 cities in the next 5 years, all over the world.

UGR community wants to:

  • Inspire people start their own DYI garden,
  • Offer long-term sustainability,
  • Provide DIY guidelines, information, and inspiration to users all over the world, no matter the condition,
  •  Create and build an international community of urban gardeners experts that help locally.

What We Do Best

Urban Gardeners Republic is the biggest online urban gardening community for both beginners and gardeners. If you are someone who wants to….

  • change your lifestyles by producing your own food,
  • start a hobby that relaxes,
  • teach your children the benefits of growing your own vegetables
  • or you simply want to build a green space at home,

… then you're in the right place.

We are more than a gardening company,
we are a community

We are happy when we can:

  •  Support people start their own DIY garden,
  • Help people in preserving a home garden on the long run,
  • Guide gardeners and give them valuable advice and information.

When did all start?

Our story started with Bertrand who created the first Instagram account in 2013, sharing photos of his first successful urban gardening experience. Located right in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, Bertrand’s garden was his main source of inspiration.

From that point, people with the same passion and desire started to follow UGR and lots of shots taken by other gardeners joining the community were soon shared there too.

Day by day, the community just kept on growing and became the biggest online urban gardening community in 2015.

In 2016, with the support of talented contributors, the blog was launched. It has become the key meeting place for beginner and more experienced gardeners looking for ideas, help, and techniques.

At the start of 2017 a wide range of services are offered and UGR supports all projects at every stage.

our team


Urban Gardeners Republic is the result of the passion for gardening and desire to share the best experiences involved.

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We always rely on our community’s feedback, questions and suggestions because you make us better.